How We Differ From Other Services

Here's where differs from existing services:

YouLicense is 100% non-exclusive. Content owners maintain full copyright control.

YouLicense only charges a 9% commission once a deal is done from the seller. The content owner controls the entire transaction. You get the money directly from the buyer and then pay us once you have received the payment.

Many different buyers
YouLicense appeals to many potential buyers who require content for a variety of different uses. i.e. film, advertising, television, web, mobile content, artistic productions (theater and dance), compilations and many other uses. We aim to specialize in web buyers.

The Offer System
You control the transaction. You are in direct contact with the buyer and control every aspect of the licensing of your song. We believe in a lucrative business model, and let the buyer and seller negotiate on a unique price for their transaction.

Standardized Contracts
YouLicense provides standardized contracts which simplify the legal process; this cuts down greatly on costs to the artist. If the company selling or buying wishes to present a custom contract, the feature is available as well.

On most platforms the artist's profile remains anonymous and you see only a list of songs and how much they cost. YouLicense has a rating system, so the higher your song is rated, the easier it is to find because it will come up higher in the searches. We also have a 'featured artist' section that allows artists to get extra publicity. Artists have their own bio page so people can link directly to them. We have several different forums and a blog.

Unique Search
On YouLicense the artist defines the tags and content that will display their music. We give the content owner a better chance of defining their music in such a way that will make it easier to find. With our unique tagging system buyers can easily search for the music they need.

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