- Independent Musical Middleman YouLicense Emerges From Beta Stage

About two months ago, we covered the private launch of YouLicense. Since then, it’s more or less been kept under the radar, in closed beta phase. Now it’s out for all to see and hear.

And, I must say, it’s grown quite a bit since the last time I visited the place. Full of tracks recorded by lots and lots of musicians spanning a whole litany of genres, YouLicense has taken its original concept of giving artists complete control over their music and made a sizable webspace for itself. A pleasingly refined webspace, I might add.

Very easy to browse, YouLicense operates on the principle of simple. Whether you’re looking to upload some tracks to have added to the marketplace or an individual, group, or company looking to work with something fresh and relatively unheard for any number of applications, it never presents itself as too big and too complex to handle. Click around. Sample some tunes. You’ll quickly discover just how manageable the structure of YouLicense really is.

 You’re guaranteed not to find any track of immense popularity either, which I personally happen to take to be a plus. Looking about YouLicense’s selection, I found very few names that I recognize (you too will likely experience many recordings for the first time), making for a good few interesting minutes. Plus, the more chances new faces in the music marketplace have at making themselves more widely known, the better we’ll all be. The seemingly cyclical release calendar of big-budget, big-name acts can, after time, leave one with something of a stale taste in one’s mouth. New flavors are needed to put some vigor in a sometimes staid industry. YouLicense does that, and does it well. For that, it should be utilized and advocated far and wide.

If you are an independent artist, producer, or wish to promote independent artists and producers, give YouLicense a try. You might like it. You might not. One thing you cannot deny is that it’s a damn good idea. One that I myself hope stays around for a long, long time.

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