Licensing Opportunities, Internal Messaging and Company Profile

We’re constantly working to better the marketplace and make licensing music simpler. After hearing your feedback, we’re proud to announce THREE NEW FEATURES on YouLicense: Licensing Opportunities Tool, Internal Messaging and Company Profile. We’d also like to introduce you to a great new initiative, VIRV TV.


Buyers can now receive song submissions directly from you. People who want to license music simply create a post describing exactly what they are looking for and the price they are willing to pay.
Such a tool on our community will benefit both buyers and sellers and bring the right music with the right opportunities.
We just launched the opportunities section on the site and are working long hours to find you some of the best opportunities to get your songs placed on TV, Ads, Films and compilations. Please keep updated via RSS feed or drop by the opportunity page from time to time,
click here to check out any new opportunities.

Internal Messaging

Communication is key while negotiating a deal and connecting with the buyers. We now have a new messaging system which will allow buyers to contact you directly on YouLicense, either through your userpage or through a license offer.
Also, a lot of artists have requested to collaborate on projects and interact with fellow musicians, this will allow easy and safe communication.

VIRV TV indie music television launches and wants your videos!

In order to better our community and expose your music to more potential viewers, we’ve partnered with We Are Listening, a UK based artist development group, and launched a brand new initiative, VIRV.TV – indie music television.
For the first time, indie music lovers can tune-in to a high-quality, music video playlist on the web with picture as sharp as DVD and sound as crisp as CD. The music video web station, already broadcasting 24 hours a day, features high quality video clips by the likes of Bright Eyes, Fujiya & Miyagi, Architecture in Helsinki, Of Montreal, Dappled Cities, Aesop Rock, Cursive, Budos Band and many more indie artists.

If you’d like your video to be considered for VIRV TV please send it to We’ll take care of the rest.

Company Profile

We’ve also added a feature that allows you to enter details regarding your company profile on your user page. Login to Youlicense and click ‘My Account’ and you’ll see the option on the right navigation bar.

We're working on many exciting features now, I will post about them as they progress.


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