YouLicense Seeks Music Submissions for Film Placements, the Online Music Licensing Marketplace, is offering many great licensing opportunities to artists worldwide and invites all to submit their music free of charge to be considered for various film placement opportunities.

Recently added opportunities by UK based production company FFAB:UK and the Indie film, Phobidilic, are great examples of the growing community of filmmakers and production companies seeking to license music directly from content owners in a fast, simple and easy manner.

“Connecting artists with filmmakers and production houses globally is exactly what we aim to do on Finding and creating the right tools for all our clients is our top priority and we’re extremely pleased to see licensees and content owners connecting through our marketplace and discovering the creative solutions needed for them to complete their projects in a fast and secure process.” Maor Ezer, Founder & CEO of is dedicated to connecting content owners (both independent artists and larger providers such as publishers and record labels) with music licensees worldwide. Content owners can now take advantage of the new “Opportunities” section on and submit their music for consideration by the licensees. Joining is free of charge as well as submitting songs to these opportunities.

From the “Opportunities” section – as posted on YouLicense:

FFAB:UK: “A short film to be submitted to international film festivals including Cannes. Three people are trapped in an elevator. We need five songs that sound like Muzak. Each must be different and contrast with the others.”

Phobidilic – The Movie: “I’m looking for original music for my upcoming movie soundtrack. The movie is called “phobidilic” and it’s a dark, kick ass, fight-club style feature film. Shooting on the film has begun recently, so bring it on…”

Taken from Maor Ezer's blog at

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