1000 tracks to be licensed this week !

We would like to take a minute to tell you about a great opportunity on YouLicense.com!

In the coming week, TheCellFreak.com, a young and fun site for free mobile content wants to license 1000 songs from YouLicense members. Paying $25 per song and giving artists the chance to expose their music to a vastly expanding audience of music lovers.

So, artists !

If 12 of your songs get licensed then you've earned over $250 up front for the next year!

Go ahead and submit as many of your songs as you like.

Click here to submit to this opportunity
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YouLicense is all about finding opportunities for the indie music community. We believe that mobile content is a great way of getting your music out there, gaining exposure to music loving crowds and making money.

With more and more deals and opportunities coming our way, we believe that indie artists and labels can make money, continuously and steadily, from licensing deals big and small.

1 comment:

Dainis said...


Just joined, however the $20-150 range for licenses seems pretty low. Can you really license, for example, The Stone Roses, for that fee?


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