Revolver Records Join YouLicense!

We've got some exciting additions to YouLicense this week and we're proud to announce that Revolver Records has joined the YouLicense community!

Revolver Records was created by Paul Birch in 1979 . Its sister labels are FM Records and Heavy Metal Records. Revolver is best known for signing the Manchester band, The Stone Roses as well as artists such as UK Subs and The Vibrators. The label also released the first, self-titled album by Jane's Addiction.

You can now license songs from the Revolver Records catalog on YouLicense!

Check out The Stone Roses on YouLicense
Check out The UK Subs on YouLicense
Check out Revolver Records on YouLicense

Also available from Revolver Recoreds on YouLicense:
Bruce Springsteen (Tribute Album)
Apache Indian
Art of Dying
The Fall The Rise
Jim Dandy (Black Oak Arkansas)
Witchfinder General
Leo Sayer

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