SellaBand Artists Now on !

We are proud to have SellaBand join and offer their artists music for licensing.

SellaBand is a powerful platform that empowers artists and we, for one, are completely on board with that.

The SellaBand model invites music fans from around the world to invest as little as US$10.00 into their favorite artist. Once the artist has achieved the full recording budget of US$50,000, SellaBand helps them produce a professional album. To date, 24 artists from around the world have sourced the full recording budget on SellaBand.

The decision by SellaBand to feature its catalog of music on will make artists such as Second Person (UK) and Cubworld (USA) available for licensing to entertainment producers, advertisers, fans and anyone else interested in licensing music for creative projects.

In the short time since joining the platform, SellaBand already has created new licensing opportunities for its artists.

SellaBand Artists available on YouLicense:

Lily Vasquez
Second Person
Julia Marcell
Confused 5
Mandyleigh Storm
Solid Tube
Vegas Dragons

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