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Due to high demand from artists, labels and many visitors, we have a fantastic new addition to the site - MP3 sales!

As well as offering songs for licensing in film, tv, ads, web and more, artists and labels can now make their songs available for MP3 download at the price of their choice.

Here is how it works
  • Free Account – Pay 10 cents per track sold and you set the prices

  • Pro Musician and Business accounts – Pay NOTHING on MP3 sales
Oh, and here's a kicker - using the licensing widget, artists and labels can sell MP3s AND offer music for licensing on their Facebook, Bebo MySpace profiles and anywhere else on the web!

Click here to sign up for a free account

1 comment:

Chaz said...

I am not a artist or a label but I want to make players for myspace etc,,,is there way using your set up to earn a commission on playlist we create with your system??

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