Heather Fenoughty, Composer and Sound Designer, Launches Music Licensing Store, Powered by YouLicense

Heather Fenoughty, a composer specialising in music and sound for film, TV, theatre and multimedia projects, has launched her own music licensing store, using the YouLicense Private Label Solution.

Based in the UK, Heather has carved a niche for herself as one of the foremost upcoming film, TV and theatre composers nationally and internationally, with clients ranging from the BBC and ITV to the Slung Low Theatre Company.

Powered by YouLicense, the website offers a one stop licensing shop with premium content from one of Britain’s most promising composers and sound designers, including a music discovery tool as well as great music to license at an affordable rate.

Heather’s music store offers high quality, cinematic solutions such as soundtracks, underscores and stings for film, television, podcasts, theatre, websites and more. You can also purchase mp3s for personal non commercial use.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer individual, forward thinking composers and artists the ability to use our highly developed platform and enjoy their independence as they march on to create more sustainable business models that work for them and on their terms!

Check out:
The Heather Fenoughty Music Licensing Store

The YouLicense Music Licensing Private Label Solution

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