The Exciting New Zis Music Library

We are excited to announce the launch of the brand new production music library, Zis Music.

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Nightingale Music Library and the Nightingale Voice Box (sound effects), and powered by the YouLicense Private Label Solution, comes this great new “buyout” library with fantastic music of the highest production value.

Including contributions by award-winning composers from around the world, each track in the library averages a length of 2:30 and also offers additional 30 and 60 second versions making it a dream to edit.

When you purchase a buyout license from Zis Music Library, it includes the sync and master license to use the music as much as you like in any of your productions for 99 years. Included also, are the first 10,000 copies (DVD etc) for any one production.

Go ahead and check out this great new music library that will add value to any production!

The Zis Music Library Licensing Site -


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