Needed: Music for Major TV channel (Europe) is seeking for music for a TV show broadcasting on a major TV channel in a European country. Beatpick has partnered with the show and is the exclusive supplier of music (the name of the client and TV channel will be disclosed to selected artists only). The show runs for 3 months starting from mid september and focuses on university web radios and university life, with particular attention for indie bands. All songs alway get prominent credits while playing (MTV style). Music is the main subject of the show and selected bands will get lots of promotion on TV and on the associated online platform which hosts user generated content university videos. The show may also host interviews, music videos, highlights and live events.for selected artists. The show pays performance royalties only through your collecting society. WE ARE SEEKING ONLY POWER POP, INDIE ROCK (mostly energetic and fast), EMO. Think about Green Day, The Get Up Kids, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio. PLEASE HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION ONLY. Selected artists will get a licensing agreement that allows the TV show to broadcast your music on 1 episode only.

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Linda Cooper said...

This site can help if you are searching background music for TV-shows. I like it for freeware music and the great amount of songs. You can add favorites to your playlist and save it.

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