Music Search: List Your Project on YouLicense in Three Easy Steps

A very popular and easy way to make sure you find the right music on YouLicense is to list your project on the Opportunities page.

Here is a quick three step guide to posting your project:

1- Go to your YouLicense account and click on “Opportunities” on the links menu at the top of the page. Then click “Create an Opportunity”.

2- Choose the opportunity type:

* Free Opportunity: Users will not be charged to submit music and are limited to one song per user. Users will be required to agree in advance to your terms and conditions and you can use the YouLicense standard license agreement or your own custom contract. You will not be obligated to select a song.

* Premium Opportunity: Users will be charged to submit songs. You can define the price of submission and YouLicense will share with you the money generated by submissions. Please note: we only approve high end licensing opportunities that are fair and that our users might not have access to otherwise. If you would like to use YouLicense to post a premium opportunity, please email

* Audition Opportunity: This opportunity gives you the chance to find the right music by listing your project on the “Opportunities” page, giving a brief of the music that you’re looking for and allowing users to submit songs directly to you. The main difference is that there is no agreement involved at this stage and if you are interested in licensing a song, you will then have to contact the seller directly and make an offer.

3- Enter the opportunity details required:

* Remember to explain what the project is and more specifically the type of music you are looking for. Choose the day you would like the opportunity to end or keep it ongoing if you would like to keep building your list of song submissions.

* Additional information can be added in the next step including an opportunity logo or image, company information and website. This all helps in putting across the information our users need in order to submit the right songs.

* You can choose the genres and moods that are suitable to your project.

Once you complete the process, click “Save” and your opportunity will be sent directly to the YouLicense team for approval. The YouLicense team can help to give you guidance throughout this process and make sure that your opportunity is presented in the best possible way.



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