Success Story: Helen Austin’s Debut in Korea!

Helen Austin, a YouLicense artist, contacted us to let us know about her new album being released in Korea thanks to a contact she made on!

Here is her email:

Hi YouLicense Team,
Thought I would let you know that a Korean company found me
through YouLicense and they are going to release an album of my songs in
Korea in a few months.


A few months ago Helen was contacted via her YouLicense store by Limelight Music Consulting, a company that holds a 35 per cent market share in the Korean commercial music production industry.

They approached her about releasing a CD with 12 of her songs and she has signed a contract with them to do this. It should be out in Korea in a few months.

Visit Helen Austin’s Music Licensing Store

Congratulations to Helen! We are happy to hear that our artists are finding more and more opportunities through their YouLicense stores, whether it’s for licensing their music or releasing it in markets that are completely new to them - Now, That’s Exciting!!

We love hearing from our artists about their successes on YouLicense.
Don’t hesitate to let us know your story. Email us at

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