Success Story: Jamie Holdens' Cathartic Moment!

Our CEO, Maor Ezer, received this message from a YouLicense artist who has had his music licensed in one of the many in-store licensing opportunities on YouLicense.

We love hearing success stories. This is why we do what we do.
Helping independent artists get the word out and make some money - that's what we want!

Here's the email:

Hi Maor,
I received a very cool email the other day from an old friend of mine
from Edinburgh, Scotland...

"Just a quick e-mail to say that you are a truly global star! Heard one of your tunes last week on the piped radio in Argos Edinburgh Blackhall!

just to elucidate....
- 'Argos' is an Elecrtical goods retailer with stores all over the U.K.
- 'Blackhall' is a small suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland - where I went to elementary school.
- Chris is a childhood friend of mine from Edinburgh...

I have to say - quite a cathartic moment...
thanks Maor,


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