Music Needed for Cycling Training Videos

Cycling Fusion & Global Ride are two separate but related firms providing Indoor Cycling training videos. Both firms use music to drive the virtual riding experience, and thus require Sync Licensing. We are building an extensive online library of pre-cleared tracks that our video producers and on-line instructors can use in their Virtual Cycling and Digital Indoor Cycling Classes. About 50% of our music is in the 110 to 160 BPM range and are of the ELECTRONIC, HOUSE, TRANCE, PROGRESSIVE, TECHNO, DANCE category.

The balance is made up of almost all varieties, with ALTERNATIVE & ROCK holding a substantial presence. We use NEW AGE for warm up and cool down as well. Lyrics are fine, but can NOT be explicit. We are least interested in the genres of country, blues, jazz and classical unless they have distinct cross over or “fusion” type qualities. Artists are paid on a per usage basis, from fitness classes in gyms and personal video streaming in homes all over the world when our videos are streamed. Members of our franchise and at home market are also given options to download videos or purchase some on DVD titles. Both downloaded videos and DVDs pay higher rates to artists for each song included. Once tracks are included in our Pre-Cleared private library, they have the opportunity to be selected, used and subsequently paid for according to the terms of our custom contract.



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Miguel Capelo said...

I have tried repeatedly to contact YOULICENSE about sending my a password reset as I have lost my username and Password. Also I owe some commission which I want to pay but no-one has contacted me or tried to help even though I've sent tons of emails. My name is Miguel Capelo, my email is
The song is Slither Of Snakes. Jody Friedman now owns the publishing for that track. (after the last YouLicense deal for which I received about $150 but have not been able to login)

Kevin Sparks III said...

Add me to the list of people that can't get into their account. I have emailed all departments of support at this point, with no response.

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